Simon Rosen

Hailing from the Bronx, New York, from early childhood through adult life, Philadelphia-based entertainment lawyer and litigator Simon Rosen has possessed a love, devotion, passion, respect and understanding of music and the business of music. His respect and awe of musicians, vocalists, producers, engineers, arrangers, writers, and those affiliated with music and its “business” motivate his life work- counseling and guiding those in the music business.

Rosen’s late father and grandfather were musical performers. Simon Rosen studied piano in his early childhood and performed some in his early youth. After graduating from the U. of Denver in 1979, which he attended after seeing John Denver perform, “Rocky Mountain High” on The Tonite Show, he attended law school in San Diego, California. In 1983, he became a licensed attorney at age 24, and quickly became involved in music law by joining the Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts. At age 25, he represented legendary rock n roll manager David Krebs of Con-temporary Communications (Aerosmith, The Scorpions, and many others). Since then, he has strived to protect and advance the rights of the music community.
His artist client roster is as diverse as the music world itself- Pop, R&B, Rock n Roll, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, and more. He has worked with the greatest musical talents, but also with those merely striving to eke out a living performing music.

In addition, Rosen has represented several recording studios, publishers, songwriters, producers, arrangers, and other music business folk.
His professional associations include being an active member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, an original member of the Philadelphia Music Foundation, Songwriters Guild of America, BMI, and Phila. Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, and SPARS (Society for Producers and Audio Recording Services)ios (all of the major film studios are SPARS.

In the 90’s, Rosen authored a highly acclaimed column in urban music tip sheet, “IMPACT”, entitled: “LEGAL CORNER: SIMON SEZ”.

Simon has lectured nationally on a wide range of music business topics, including entertainment law, copyrights, setting up your own record company, publishing, urban music, production deals, joint venture label deals, putting out your own CD, and management contracts.

In December, 2004, he was called to lecture to approximately 200 attorneys on behalf of the Pennsylvania Bar Institute as part of a continuing legal education program.

To this day, Attorney Rosen continues to focus his efforts in and around music, the universal language of the world.